The Best In Town

Her birthday was exactly a week away at the time, but I had already had the perfect day planned for her…
It was about 3 years ago after a church service, when I first met, my now wife, Genai. Her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes behind those chic yellow frames that popped against her caramel complexion, were what first caught my heart and literally took my breath away. Seeing me looking she approached and her smile which then followed (as I’m sure my goofy surprised face was enough to make anyone laugh) radiated like the sun should have on that overcast day.
“Hi, I always see you around here, what’s your name?” every word cascaded off her lips like an angelic symphony. After that day, I couldn’t get her out of my mind and would make every effort to communicate with her often.
However as time passed and we got closer, I knew I wanted more, but I would just get so tongue tied when trying to tell her how I felt. However that year things changed for us; it was her birthday and a group of us decided to book 2 nights at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Modesto. I was happy to just be able to get some alone time with her, so I pep talked myself into getting the way I felt for her out.
I knew she enjoyed being in water so I asked if she’d like to check out the pool or hot tub area. Let’s just say it was that night I knew I didn’t want to be with anyone else.
So, fast forwarding to her birthday, I knew I wanted to do something spectacular and blow her mind. She would always bring up our first night in a hot tub every time she got the chance, and so I decided recreate that moment; except, I’d be bringing the hot tub to us!
I did extensive research and found out that The Spa Doctor was the best place in Modesto for Hot tubs. I quickly messaged them up to get a Quotation for the Entice Hot Tub which is a part of the Fantasy Series. It was big enough for 5 people came an ice bucket molded into the design; that was placed to keep your beer/wine nice and cool while we soak. This is what sold me! Within an hour I received a response and was asked if I’d like to come see the tub myself or even schedule a test soak session. I was blown away at not only the level of customer service, but by the mere fact they went the extra mile to ensure I understood all the features so that I would be completely satisfied with my end purchase. A definite win in my books!
I ended up scheduling two test soak sessions for the Entice and the Embrace (both in the Fantasy Series), but settled with and purchased the Entice Tub instead. The tub, I asked to be delivered on her birthday itself so while she was away at work I got everything set up. It came on time and the guys even stayed to help me ensure it was working properly before heading back to the store.
My experience dealing with the Valley Doctors was beyond exceptional; due to them going above and beyond, I was able to recreate the day I know Genai was the perfect one for me with the perfect hot tub!