Not Alone

If any of you are in the same boat as me, then I apologize in advance. It is one of the hardest parts of parenting you can never be fully prepared for. My brand new baby boy was brought home from the hospital, and 3 days into it I felt like the worst parent on the earth. I could not make him happy, or feed him properly, and sleeping was the worst. He would maybe fall asleep for 30 minutes and then be up crying for something that I was not sure of so I could not fix. As much as my loving husband offered to watch him at night it would be pointless since I have to feed every 2 hours, so we would both be up for no reason. Well another week in and I was at my wits end. I had no idea what to do or where to go. My baby was not sleeping and all I could think was that I was failing him as a parent. That is when my sister came in and told me I was not alone. Every first time parent has the moment of panic and sleep deprivation where they feel like they are not doing what the child needs most. She also told me holding him so much actually hurt and made him dependent on my arms to fall asleep. She recommended I get a cradling swing by Ingenuity Inlighten to change that.

At first I was unsure of the point of the swing. I thought if I was just going to try and transition him away from my arms I will just put him in his bed and let him be. However, I began to read what cradling swings actually offer and immediately understood. The swing made the motion of being held. The swing would hold their snug blanket and surround them like they would be if they were being held. It also had a soft motion of rocking so the child would again think they were in the parent’s arms. This way I could watch my child fall asleep, and maybe even get some sleep myself at night! What a wonderful thought.

I used my Ingenuity Inligthen swing for a few days, and I felt like a new woman. I was awake and vibrant for the day and not on edge as much (I think my husband was the happiest.) If any of you are where I was and are unsure of what to do, then look into a cradling swing. I know that every child is different and it might not be the case for you, but it is worth a look in my opinion.


Need To Relax?

San Jose has the most luxurious facilities in the market. Their plush hot tubs are known within the city and far beyond the borders. I wanted an exceptional hot tub with the best features. I was tired of using the traditional hot tubs that do not offer users the best services. My unquenchable thirst to get an outstanding design was finally answered. This was after my encounter with hot tubs San Jose dealers. I take this opportunity to share my true experience with the most reliable dealers in the market. Now I have enough time to relax every day in my hot tub to unwind and escape every day stress.

Do you have high levels of job related stress? There is an amicable solution that can perfectly boost your life. Hot Tubs San Jose are designed to make you enjoy your life to the fullest. When I asked for their installation services, a team of experts came to my home immediately. They were keen to remove my old hot tub and perfectly install classy tub that made me proud. The experts were friendly. They gave me clear instructions on how I should protect the hot tub from dirt and breakage. My hot tub is an exceptional design that gives me a sense of pride every day. It offers me more reasons to spend countless hours in the bathroom as I enjoy the warm baths. I can now enjoy better moments with my partner as we take time to reflect on our romantic journey. We like listening to cool background music and relax our minds.

If you admire your life, you can make it more enjoyable like I did. Hot Tubs San Jose is the ultimate delight that improves individual’s lives. I still admire the zeal of technicians who visited my house. They were coordinating well. They promised me of better services that will definitely open a new chapter in my life. This dream came true the moment they left my house. Their affordable quick service helped me save more money. I used the remaining balance to order for more repairs of other areas in the house. I was able to call back to the dealer and thank them for their well-organized services. I now have a superb hot tub that I use daily. It is so unique from other rival companies. Its texture, color and size are ideal for all your needs. You can get any size that you admire. The dealers will inspect your home and take good time to give you details of what fits the design of your bathroom.


The Best In Town

Her birthday was exactly a week away at the time, but I had already had the perfect day planned for her…
It was about 3 years ago after a church service, when I first met, my now wife, Genai. Her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes behind those chic yellow frames that popped against her caramel complexion, were what first caught my heart and literally took my breath away. Seeing me looking she approached and her smile which then followed (as I’m sure my goofy surprised face was enough to make anyone laugh) radiated like the sun should have on that overcast day.
“Hi, I always see you around here, what’s your name?” every word cascaded off her lips like an angelic symphony. After that day, I couldn’t get her out of my mind and would make every effort to communicate with her often.
However as time passed and we got closer, I knew I wanted more, but I would just get so tongue tied when trying to tell her how I felt. However that year things changed for us; it was her birthday and a group of us decided to book 2 nights at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Modesto. I was happy to just be able to get some alone time with her, so I pep talked myself into getting the way I felt for her out.
I knew she enjoyed being in water so I asked if she’d like to check out the pool or hot tub area. Let’s just say it was that night I knew I didn’t want to be with anyone else.
So, fast forwarding to her birthday, I knew I wanted to do something spectacular and blow her mind. She would always bring up our first night in a hot tub every time she got the chance, and so I decided recreate that moment; except, I’d be bringing the hot tub to us!
I did extensive research and found out that The Spa Doctor was the best place in Modesto for Hot tubs. I quickly messaged them up to get a Quotation for the Entice Hot Tub which is a part of the Fantasy Series. It was big enough for 5 people came an ice bucket molded into the design; that was placed to keep your beer/wine nice and cool while we soak. This is what sold me! Within an hour I received a response and was asked if I’d like to come see the tub myself or even schedule a test soak session. I was blown away at not only the level of customer service, but by the mere fact they went the extra mile to ensure I understood all the features so that I would be completely satisfied with my end purchase. A definite win in my books!
I ended up scheduling two test soak sessions for the Entice and the Embrace (both in the Fantasy Series), but settled with and purchased the Entice Tub instead. The tub, I asked to be delivered on her birthday itself so while she was away at work I got everything set up. It came on time and the guys even stayed to help me ensure it was working properly before heading back to the store.
My experience dealing with the Valley Doctors was beyond exceptional; due to them going above and beyond, I was able to recreate the day I know Genai was the perfect one for me with the perfect hot tub!